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News 8-11-2012
Fans Have Their Say on Evolution: Fan Reviews

We wanted you to have your say on the new JLS album, ‘Evolution’ and we think it’s safe to say, the verdict is really positive. Thanks to each and every fan who took the time to write the boys a little review, here are five that we loved!

Don’t forget, if you haven’t got your hands on the album yet, it’s not too late! Get it now and see what everyone is talking about!


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Kelsey C-D - “Evolution: It has everything I need, LIKE A CORNER STORE!”
This 4th JLS album, Evolution has to be my favourite album yet by ANYONE and definitely the best! It is just simply amazing and the songs are just so so catchy! They have brilliant lyrics that almost everyone can relate to! I got it on Monday and have listened to it LOADS and I’m already singing the songs! Evolution is just perfect, like the boys! It has everything I need, “LIKE A CORNER STORE!” I have loved JLS from the start and continue to love them more and more everyday!

Leah C - “The new sound suits them so well and it goes back to their roots…”
Evolution Review: Evolution. Definition: ‘The gradual development of something, esp. from a simple to a more complex form.’ and by the sounds of this album, this is very true. When you first put on this album, you might think ‘is this really JLS?’ and this might be because the boys have a completely different direction with this album with a more mature and RnB sound, and do you know what? I love it. I know im biased, as a huge JLS fan myself but I think the new sound suits them so well and it goes back to their roots as ‘UFO’, the band they were called before the x factor. At this time, this music on the album is the type of music you would often hear them cover. Read more of Leah’s lovely review…

Niamh G - “You’ve gone from boys to men…”
Well its defiantly your best album,because it shows how you’ve gone from boys to men you’ve changed your sound so its fresh,new and even more amazing. I like ‘Hold Me Down’ because its about never giving up and is so inspirational.


Kerrie-Ann M - “I can see the fanbase exploding with newbies soon…”
To be honest, when you boys said Evolution would be ‘totally different’ to the normal music, I didnt know what to expect. After so many years of supporting you guys I was confused as to whether a change would alter the way I listen & Love your music. As for Evolution, as soon the samples where online I had a listen and was blown away. I dont know why i worried, because it was better than i’d ever imagined it would be. Its JLS, like never before! I dont think there is a single song on this album you can ‘skip’ to the next track. Each track is signifant and sounds amazing.It maximises each individual voice, and you cant help but ‘WOW’. Everyone is amazed! I wouldnt want to say I have a SINGLE favourite song, because everytime I do, I realise I like every song for different reasons. Its definately a #1 album and will hopefully get more #1 Singles to add to the collection.
I can see the fanbase exploding with newbies soon, and its all down to this album! Well done boys♥

Leonie W - “The harmonies are slick, and the songs are super catchy, and each lyric has its own special meaning…”
Evolution is an album with a totally new sound. The harmonies are slick, and the songs are super catchy, and each lyric has its own special meaning. In my opinion, this is the best album yous have produced so far, and it really does show a change in style. All in all, I love it and I love yous♥